Jeremy Headshots

Working with actors on headshots is one of my favorite things to shoot. They are a fun, simple shoot, with a lot of opportunities to get to know my client. But has been a friend of mine since elementary school so working with him was even more of a breeze.

These are some of my favorite headshots to date..

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Laura and Ricardo Engaged!

Laura and Ricardo are madly in love. It was obvious after one hour with them doing this session. It made me so excited that I couldn’t wait to get home to edit these! And I had the opportunity to shoot their fabulous LMU wedding in October as well (images up soon). But after seeing them in action here, you can be sure that they were naturals in front of the camera!

Marco and Maribel!

When Marco and Maribel contacted me to shoot their wedding at Camarillo Ranch, I was ecstatic. If you’ve never seen or heard of this venue, take note - Camarillo Ranch is an absolutely amazing venue to get married in. It blends the elegance of the mansion house, and the rustic ambiance of one of the oldest barns in Southern California.

Marco and Maribel had a beautiful ceremony outside of the mansion in the shade of a massive tree before moving the party inside the stunning red barn. Their details were impeccable and the night was a blast! Their families were wonderful and Marco and Maribel helped us create some fantastic images.


Evans Family!

If you are looking for a beach or your next shoot, look no further. El Matador in Malibu is hands down, one of the best. It is my go to beach location for families, portraits, and engagement shoots. But its not secret, as every time I go, there is a swarm of photographers trying to stake out claims to every spot on the beach. So pack your patience!

The Evans family is one of my families that gets a session every single year and I have watched their little ones grow up. This is already year number 4! How time flies…

Eric and Shauna!

Rarely do you get the chance to shoot such fun and adorable people. And even more rarely do those people find each other and fall in love! And while they already have been married a few years, sometimes you need a post wedding session too…

I was very lucky to get the chance to shoot Eric and Shauna while alongside Becca Rillo of Becca Rillo Photography in Valencia, California.

Thank you to Becca Rillo for organizing this!

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