Quick update from a short session I did with my cousin Maya to get her some high school graduation photos! Light during Christmas time is just gorgeous. Or is it that I just miss Christmas? Sigh…

Alex and Will

August weddings in Southern California can sometimes be hot - like really, really hot. Luckily, at this Walnut Grove wedding for Alex and Will, the weather, the location, and the people were all perfect. Walnut Grove is absolutely one of my favorite venues to shoot at because of its gorgeous landscapes, the fantastic reception space, and the amazing shots we always seem to get. And thank you Lizzi Photography for assisting me on such a special day.  So without further ado.. 

Ps. I know I have been bad lately at sharing some of the amazing weddings I have been a part of this year, but with my busy season winding down, I am hoping I will get to more sharing!

Megan and Parker

Folks, I think one of the biggest oversights of my entire year was that somehow, inexplicably, I never posted this incredible Utah wedding that I shot MONTHS AGO. Blame it on the fact it was near the holidays, or the fact that I had already posted some of these shots on social media, but whatever you blame, you cannot deny that Megan and Parker’s wedding was amazing. Why can’t I shoot every day in such stunning locations? Here’s a preview of their first look and pre-wedding photos we did at Snow Canyon! 

Alex and Will’s Engagement Session

If you’ve never been to Descanso Gardens, you need to carve out a few hours and take a trip to the beautiful botanical oasis in La Cañada Flintridge. It is an absolutely incredible set of gardens that are reminiscent of The Huntington Library but in a much more manageable size. And I have always wanted to shoot an engagement session at Descanso, but only recently was given the chance by Alex and Will. And it was worth the wait. It has such a diverse set of gardens that it feels like 10 locations in one! And after looking through their photos trying to figure out which ones to post, I can’t help but get excited for their big day tomorrow! 

Amy S!

Finally getting a couple images from Amy’s graduation session at Cal Poly Pomona! What an absolutely beautiful campus to shoot in. Thank you so much for letting me shoot your images!!

USC Sessions! 1/2

Every year, I get the opportunity to shoot some amazing sessions at the beautiful USC campus. They are quintessentially LA, with perfect weather, great locations, and gorgeous people. Here is a selection of some of the great images we got for the class of 2018!

If you’re thinking of booking a session for next year, feel free to shoot me an email and I will be happy to answer all of your questions! 

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