Rachel and Shawn

When you have donuts, sparklers, tacos, and dancing, what do you get? The best kind of nights. Rachel and Shawn’s wedding was just one of those fun nights that reminds me why I love shooting.  And did I mention they wanted to make a stop at In-N-Out on the way to their reception? How can you possibly say no to that. Lizzi and I couldn’t. 

Alex and Russ

I need more San Diego weddings in my life. I love it when I get the chance to leave the LA area and shoot somewhere completely new! This time Lizzi and I went down to the Manchester Grand Hayatt in San Diego to shoot Russ and Alex’s beautiful ocean front wedding.


Once in a while - not as often as I’d like - I get the chance to really let loose and shoot without any expectations, clients, or time constraints. My friend Katrina gave me the chance to get excited to just go out and shoot. She was amazing in front of the camera, and went with all my weird ideas. And the results are absolutely stunning. I mean, just LOOK AT THAT JACKET. 


Graduation photos in Downtown LA? Always a great idea. Even with a little bit of rain, and a little bit of cold, we still got great images to celebrate the end of nursing school! Thankfully we didn’t have to break out the umbrella. 

Corinthian and Erica

I know, I know. I don’t blog enough. Especially when I have images like these to share from Erica and Corinthian’s beautiful Pasadena wedding. This was from a couple months back, where I had the chance to shoot at the amazing Pasadena History Museum with the amazing Cherie Starke Photography. Take a look at a preview of some of the absolutely gorgeous shots we captured.

USC Graduation Session 1/2

2019 has been another year of amazing graduation sessions at USC. I have once again had the opportunity to shoot some fantastic images of this year’s graduates, and have a lot more lined up before their May 10th graduation! Here is a little preview of what I have been working on so far. 


It takes a lot to start a business. Especially one in such a competitive space as equestrian clothing. But Hannah, founder of Levade Clothiers, knows the world of horses inside and out. And when she asked me to shoot some headshots with her in some of her newest products, I had a feeling the results were going to be great. So take a look at this small preview of what we captured, and contact me if you are looking to get some headshots of your own done soon!

Michelle and Garrett

Photographer rule of thumb: when you get the call that your clients want to shoot in Yosemite, you always say yes. Always. 

Being in LA, it’s not every day that I get to shoot somewhere so beautiful…and somewhere with so much snow!! Michelle and Garrett wanted to do something a little bit different for their engagement session - and boy was it an adventure. They were game to hike, explore, and shoot all over the park in the snow. It’s rare you get a couple who are happy to spend HOURS in front of your camera, let alone when its so cold! 


Quick update from a short session I did with my cousin Maya to get her some high school graduation photos! Light during Christmas time is just gorgeous. Or is it that I just miss Christmas? Sigh…

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